Fuel Pump Replacement Cost Introduction

If your car is more than 10 years old, then you should probably add fuel pump replacement cost to your vehicle maintenance budget.  Like most parts of your car, the fuel pump is bound to go bad eventually. The fuel pump is an integral part of the fuel system as this creates fuel pressure needed by the injectors to deliver fuel to the engine.  Once the pump fails, the pressure is lost and the engine would not be able to get the fuel it needs to run. 

The thing is, there is no telling exactly whether the fuel pump will fail or if it is failing.  Some of the symptoms like poor performance, poor gas mileage or an engine that runs roughly can also be attributed to something else.  The worst-case scenario usually involves you on a cell phone calling for a tow truck in the middle of nowhere. (See: 10 Facts About Catalytic Converters)

About Fuel Pump Replacement

As a vehicle owner, there will come a time when I would need to sit down and consider a much needed replacement for the vehicle parts like the fuel pump replacement cost. That is why it is very important that there’s a budget allotted for the maintenance and repair of one’s vehicle.

Of course, I won’t find it right to go beyond my specified budget, but will always welcome the thought that I will be able to save some cost without sacrificing the quality of whatever part is in need of replacement in my vehicle.

Fuel Pump Failure

The fuel pump replacement cost will vary for every vehicle. Normal wear and tear is the main reason why a fuel pump would fail but, there are also a few other reasons and most of them can be avoided with improved driving habits and good old common sense.

Fuel Pump Replacement Cost Introduction Fuel Pump Failure The Fuel Pump Location Replacing The Fuel Pump Conclusion
Fuel Pump Replacement Cost
  • Dirty fuel can clog up the fuel pump sock, starving the pump and damaging it. No filling station will admit that their fuel is dirty so this will be trial and error.
  • Constant driving with the “fuel low” light on damages the pump as well.
  • Moisture will corrode the fuel pump and its electrical connectors usually causing a short circuit.

Is My Fuel Pump Really In Need Of Replacement?

Just like any problem that I need to put a solution to, the first step is to identify what my problem is. Is my fuel pump really in need of replacement? Could it still be repaired? Or there might be some other problems I haven’t discovered yet causing malfunction in my vehicle.

It is wiser to check on the following before I give this fuel pump replacement the go ahead: the fuel tank level, the power at the fuel pump fuse/relay, faulty wiring (melted or burnt vehicle wiring and electrical grounding issues), if there is damage on the fuel pump electrical connectors – bubbled or burnt plastic and discoloured terminals which should be shiny; check also if there’s any damage on fuel line connectors or split/broken, leaking fuel lines and lastly, check for vacuum leak or clogged fuel filter. This primary check will help me determine if my vehicle really needs fuel pump replacement.

About Fuel Pump Replacement
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How Much Does A Fuel Pump Replacement Cost?

The cost range will be from $400 to $600 inclusive of labor and materials. But this will highly depend on one’s preference. I find it really practical to browse and buy through the net when looking for a fuel pump. Suppliers actually offer it a much lower price compared to going to a professional mechanic and asking them to buy the fuel pump for you.

A fuel pump alone may cost you around $100 depending on the type of vehicle and fuel pump that you have. If I opt for a professional mechanic to do the job for me, of course, I can expect my cost to go higher as they will probably be checking on some other defective parts of the vehicle.

Is There A Way To Lower The Fuel Pump Replacement Cost?

I can also choose to do the replacement myself. With a little know how on mechanic repair, an owner’s manual to follow, some socket or spanner set, and I’m all set for the replacement of the fuel pump. Mind you, the only cost you get to incur here is the purchase of the fuel pump, so there goes a lot of savings!

What Are My Options To Prevent Replacement Of My Fuel Pump In The Future?

Setting the quality fuel on high level will actually help lubricate and keep the fuel pump cool. This way I’ll never have to worry about fuel pump replacement cost ever again.

The Fuel Pump Location

You can save some money on your fuel pump replacement cost if you do the job yourself. The fuel pump is found inside the gas tank. It is housed within a fuel pump module and is fastened by bolts on the top side of the tank itself.  Some models have access to the pump module by simply removing the rear seat. Others, however, need the tank to be removed from the vehicle in order to gain access to the fuel pump module.

Replacing The Fuel Pump

If you can afford to buy an original part from the dealer, then by all means do so. If not, the aftermarket replacement market has a lot to offer. The fuel pump may come separately or as a whole unit which consists of the pump, sending unit, electrical connections and the housing. The benefit of buying the whole thing is that it makes the job a lot easier.  Getting the pump only will involve more work but also costs significantly less than the whole thing.


As they say, nothing lasts forever.  It is inevitable that your fuel pump will one day say that he’s had enough and quit.  Replacing the fuel pump in your car is not as complicated as you think. Whether you are fixing your car yourself or paying someone to do it for you, the most important thing to remember is to know exactly the year, the make and the model of your vehicle. It will save you the hassle of receiving the wrong part which will definitely add to your fuel pump replacement cost.

Fuel Pump Replacement Cost
Fuel Pump Replacement Cost

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