Super Green Pine Radar to Be Export-Friendly

Super Green Pine Radar: The Israeli-built super-green pine radar is a ground-based missile-defense radar that is being exported to other countries. The Israeli Air Defense Command uses the Green Pine in its Arrow theater missile defense system. The new radar is also export-friendly and not subject to U.S. export restrictions, so it is expected to be a huge market for the company. It has already been exported to India, and two more are on their way to South Korea and Azerbaijan.

The Israel Missile Defense Organization has successfully tested the Arrow Weapon System, a joint U.S.-Israel missile defense system. The test involved the launching of a Rafael Blue Sparrow 2 missile from an F-15 fighter jet. The Super Green Pine radar, the primary sensor of the Arrow Weapon System, detected the target missile using an EL/M-2080 system. The Golden Citron battle management controller used the Super-Green Pine to plot intercept solutions.

The Israeli Defense Force has deployed the Super Green Pine, an upgraded version of the Green Pin radar. It extends the detection range to 800-900 kilometers, making it the most advanced radar in the world. In addition to the US, it has been deployed in South Korea and India. This technology is incredibly advanced, and is expected to continue to get better over the next few years. Its increased range will help the United States and Israel defend their borders from potential enemies.

Super Green Pine Radar
Super Green Pine Radar

The EL/M-2080 Super Green Pine Radar

The EL/M 2080S or the Super Green Pine radar is an enhanced detection radar. It features higher transmitting and receiving power than its predecessor. It has an increased range of up to 900 kilometers, and is compatible with the Arrow ABM battery, which is deployed at eight to fifty kilometers. The radar is a very reliable weapon. It is expected to be ready for use in 2020. But, there are some questions that remain.

The EL/M-2080 Green Pine radar was developed by Elta. It operates in the L-band (500-1000 MHz) and features a 9×3-m active phased array antenna. This unit comprises 2000-2300 transmitting and receiving modules. The system is designed to be installed on an automobile semitrailer, and it can detect up to 12 targets at the same time. It can operate for a maximum of five years, and it is currently deployed in two locations in India: northeast of Bangalore and the north coast of the country.

The Israeli Missile Defense Organization completed a joint test with the U.S. Missile Defense Agency last month. The test involved the launching of a Rafael Blue Sparrow 2 target missile from an F-15 fighter jet. The intercept solutions were plotted by the Golden Citron battle management controller, and transferred to launch units. However, the Israelis may not be happy with this move, and are considering new options for the Arrow weapon system.

Super Green Pine Radar 8974
Super Green Pine Radar

The EL/M-2080 Super Green Pine radar is an electronically scanned phased array radar that operates in the UHF-Band (500 MHz to 1,000 MHz). It can track a target at up to 3,000 km and guide an Arrow missile to four metres from its target. The radar has the ability to identify threats and make interception solutions based on the results of the test. In 2001, the Israel Missile Defense Organization successfully completed a joint test with the U.S. Missile Defense Agency.

The Super Green Pine radar is an advanced version of the EL/M-2080 Green Pine radar. The new version will replace the EL/M-2080 in a long-range, short-range, and medium-range environment. Its detection range is up to 800-900 km. Unlike the original, the SuperGreenPine radar is much more effective at detecting threats. So, if you are in a conflict with an enemy, you should take advantage of the SuperGreenPine Radar to protect yourself.

The SuperGreenPine is a more advanced version of the EL/M-2080. It has a detection range of up to 900 kilometers. It is also linked to the systems of the IAF and the IDF Homefront Command. The EL/M-2080 radar was developed by IAI subsidiary Elisra. In 2001, India ordered two EL/M-2080 Super GreenPine radars for its air defense system against ballistic missiles.

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