T129 Atak Helicopter to Be Delivered to Philippines

The Philippines has begun negotiations to purchase two T129 Atak helicopters. The U.S. government imposed sanctions on Morocco for purchasing Russian S-400 anti-aircraft systems. However, the Biden administration is gradually relaxing CAATSA sanctions. It will take another year to finalize the deal. It is expected that the T129 will be delivered to the Philippines in September. The T129 will also be exported to Pakistan and Indonesia.

The T129 features two-seat tandem cockpits. It is equipped with night-vision helmet-mounted displays, a flight data recorder, a mission planning ground station, and weapon control units. It is also fitted with an air-vehicle monitoring system. Moreover, it is equipped with the latest avionics suite. Its avionics suite includes a dual avionics central computer, automatic flight control system, inertial navigation system, global positioning system, and digital moving map.

The T129 uses an advanced thermal imaging system called AselFLIR-300T. It is installed in the nose of T129 Mk-I Multirole Combat Helicopter. It is capable of detecting targets up to 20 km away. The T129 is also equipped with Aselsan’s 3rd Generation CATS EO Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Targeting System.

T129 Atak
T129 Atak

The T129 has a turret-mounted 20mm cannon turret with 500 rounds. It has four pylons for unguided rockets. The helicopter is designed to operate in rough terrain, hot environments, and daytime and nighttime missions. Its range is 500km and 2,000km respectively. It can climb at 14 meters per second and has a service ceiling of 6100m. It also has a three-hour endurance.

The T129 ATAK helicopter is a new generation attack helicopter that was originally intended for the Turkish Army. The T129 is a tandem two-seat, high-speed attack helicopter. Its mission equipment was redesigned to meet the needs of the Land Forces Command. In addition to this, it also has a fully automated flight system. This enables the pilot to focus on the mission. Its range is approximately 1,000 km.

The T129 ATAK is the world’s most advanced combat helicopter, and has been chosen by the Turkish government in 2007. It is built by Finmeccanica and AgustaWestland and is the most powerful of its kind. It is a flexible multirole fighter that can carry out a variety of tasks. And the ATAK isn’t just a good looking helicopter. It also comes with advanced weapons and is capable of taking on all sorts of missions.

TAI is the Prime Contractor for the ATAK Program and will manufacture the T129 ATAK Helicopter. The company will also supply the engine and mission computers. The T129 will have indigenous weapon systems and a mission computer. The T129 will be the first attack helicopter to be manufactured by Turkey’s Center of Aerospace. It will be outfitted with mission computer and targeting systems made by ASELSAN, a leading defense company in Turkey.

T129 “Atak” Helicopter for the Philippine Air Force

In October 2014, the Department of National Defense (DND) approved the procurement of six T129 “ATAK” helicopters for the Philippine Air Force. The deal was signed through a government-to-government contract and the first two units were supposed to be delivered in September 2021. However, the DND did not reveal the reason for the delay. It was reported that Turkey is considering the purchase of Russian-made attack helicopters.

The T129 is an advanced, twin-engine multirole combat helicopter optimized for the Turkish Armed Forces. Its asymmetric weapon delivery capability and improved survivability features make it a valuable asset to the Turkish armed forces. These aircraft can carry a 20mm turreted gun with a 500-round capacity, 70mm guided air-to-ground missiles, and Stinger missiles for air-to-air missions. They can also operate in all-weather conditions, and even perform night operations.

T129 Atak 45
T129 Atak

Several countries are considering purchasing this new helicopter. The US, Pakistan, and Philippines have shown interest in the T129 “Atak” helicopter. The Defense Industry Presidency (DIP) has not verified this news. But there is no need to worry. The T129 ATAK has already been acquired by the Philippine military. Qatar’s defense force is planning to purchase the aircraft. The T129 ATAK is equipped with a rotary-bladed main engine, which makes it an excellent choice for aerial reconnaissance.

In December 2013, the Philippine Air Force’s 15th Strike Wing purchased two T129 ATAK helicopters from Turkey. The aircraft are aimed at replacing PAAC’s aging fleet of AH-1F Cobra helicopter gunships. According to the PAF, the purchase of thirty T129 ATAKs is one of the largest defense acquisitions in Turkey in recent decades. Its acquisition of T129 ATAK helos will be completed in 2020, making it the most advanced attack helicopter for the Philippines.

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