TOS-1A Multi-Barreled Rocket Launcher System Features

The TOS-1A multi-barreled missile launcher system is an integrated, multi-barreled rocket system that consists of 24 high-capacity 220mm calibre rockets. The launcher is mounted in the center of the armoured chassis. The unit can rotate 360 degrees, without interruption. A fully automatic fire control system improves target acquisition capabilities. The launcher is a solid-fuelled vehicle and includes a solid-fuel engine for thrust.

The TOS-1A has a refueling crane and an increased range for its multiple rockets. Its refueling vehicle is equipped with a crane to lift its cargo. The launcher system covers an area of six kilometers and can engage targets at up to 400 meters away. The TOS-1A also boasts a superior performance against shell splinters and small-arms fire.

The TOS-1A is the largest multi-barreled rocket launcher system in the world. Its 18-barrel multi-barreled launch vehicle is similar to the T-72 main battle tank. The missiles have a range of 6 000 meters. The system can fire two rockets in 0.5 seconds. Its maximum range is 6 000 meters and its minimum range is 400 meters.

Russia has contracted with the US for 20 TOS-1A rocket launchers. These launchers are designed to be self-reliant and can carry a crew of three personnel. The driver is positioned in the middle, while the gunner and commander are seated in the rear turrets. Although it has a smaller firing range than other multiple rocket launcher systems, the TOS-1A can carry up to 24 rockets in its platform. The TZM-T reloader vehicle holds 48 rockets.


The TOS-1A Multi-Barreled Rocket Launcher System

The Russian Ministry of Defense has started testing the TOS-1A multi-barreled missile system. The weapon is based on thermobaric rockets. Its range is six kilometers, covering a target area of 40,000 square meters. It has a 100% success rate, and has been in service since 1991. It is currently being tested in Kazakhstan, Algeria, and Iraq. It is a unique R&D product and is expected to enter service in the near future.

The TOS-1A system consists of twenty-four launch tubes of two20mm calibre, which can each hold six to ten missiles. The TOS-1A resupply vehicle has a 10-kN crane, and uses two types of 220mm rockets. Each launcher has an active protection system and a ballistic data computer to enhance target acquisition capability. The rockets are capable of a six-kilometre range, and are fitted with a solid fuel-fueled engine.

The TOS-1A carries a pair of incendiary or thermobaric warheads. These munitions produce huge explosions, which are used to clear out bunkers and buildings. The TOS-1A launches a single rocket, or a pair of rockets, every 0.5 seconds. The salvo can last up to 12 seconds if they are manually launched, or six seconds when they are automatically launched.


The TOS-1A has been used in Syria as a defensive weapon against terrorists, and is a powerful direct fire support capability. It has a range of six thousand meters, and is capable of launching two missiles every 0.5 seconds. The TOS-1A is a major upgrade compared to its predecessor and the T-72 main battle tank. The new missiles have an increased range, and can be fired at a maximum of 400 metres.

The TOS-1A is the most advanced Russian rocket system for unguided missiles

The TOS-1A can launch multiple rockets in half a second. The TOS-1A uses volume-detonating ammunition, and it can even fire for extended periods. This enables a longer range of targets to be hit by the weapon. The T-72 has the ability to fire unguided missiles and provide superiority.

The TOS-1A has 24 launch tubes. The tubes are 220mm in diameter. The MLRS can rotate 360 degrees without interruption. The missiles are aimed at targets in the target area. The MLRS can fire a single rocket or a pair of rockets in one minute. The TOS-1A can also launch thermobaric weapons. The full salvo duration is 12 seconds when manually launching each rocket.

The TOS-1A is a thermobaric tracked missile launcher system with 24 barrels. The MLRS is mounted on a T-72 tank chassis and can fire incendiary, or thermobaric warheads. It is currently being tested by the Russian military. The first operational test took place in the Panjshir Valley during the Soviet war in Afghanistan, where the TOS-1A was tested in the early 1980s. The upgraded TOS-1A was later shown to the public.

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