Bayraktar TB2 Attack Drone Detailed Review

The Bayraktar TB2 is an advanced attack drone with the ability to carry up to 65 kg of payload. This system can be equipped with four MAM-C missiles or four MAM-L missiles. Each missile is capable of destroying over 100 tanks and other military vehicles. These drones can also destroy command posts and troops. The Bayraktar TB2 is produced and used by the Ukrainian and Qatari armed forces.

Unlike other commercial drones, the Bayraktar TB2’s advanced design is highly sophisticated. The system consists of three main components, the Bayraktar TB2 Armed / UAV Platform and Ground Control Station and Ground Data Terminal. These systems are integrated and can be configured to meet a wide range of needs. The Bayraktar TB2 has a maximum altitude of 27030 feet.

The Bayraktar TB2 is capable of staying in the air for 27 hours. The aircraft flies at a height of 18000 feet. It has triple redundant avionics and sensor fusion architecture and can provide target detection, reconnaissance, and always-on aerial surveillance. The Bayraktar TB2 has a useful load capacity of 150 kg. It is capable of carrying a small to medium sized armament.

While the Bayraktar TB2 is a newer model of the Tactical Block 1, its specifications are very similar. The TB2 is more advanced than the Tactical Block 1 but has the same capabilities and features. Its wingspan is 30 feet. It is the first aircraft of its type to be exported abroad. Its capabilities are extensive and its performance is impressive. It has proven itself in the field.

bayraktar tb2
Bayraktar TB2

Bayraktar TB2 Specifications

In January 2019, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense ordered 75 Bayraktar TB2 tactical drones. They will be armed with MAM-L and MAM-C bombs, depending on the configuration. The system is composed of six aircraft, each with two telemetry payloads. The Bayraktar TB2 specifications include the number of air vehicles, number of FLIR payloads, and number of ground control stations.

The Bayraktar TB2 has a length of 6.5m and a wing span of 12m. Its MTOW is 1433 pounds, with a service ceiling of 24,000 feet. The vehicle weighs 700 kilograms, which meets the requirements for a DoD Group 4 classification. The aircraft has a payload capacity of 121 lbs. Its length is 21 feet.

The Bayraktar TB2 is the first of its kind to be exported abroad. The aircraft is active in the Ukrainian, Qatar, and Libyan armed forces. In addition to the Turkish Armed Forces, it is also operated by the US Navy, the UK Air Force, the UAE Air Force, and the Ukraine’s Army. These aircraft are capable of providing high-quality surveillance and intelligence on the ground.

The Bayraktar TB2 is a multipurpose attack drone with a maximum payload of 65 kg. It can carry four MAM-C and MAM-L missiles. These missiles have thermobaric or high explosive warheads. By 2020, the Bayraktar TB2 could destroy more than a hundred tanks. It could also wipe out command posts and troops. Regardless of where it lands, the capabilities of these aerial vehicles are unmatched in this class.

bayraktar tb2 564
Bayraktar TB2

The Bayraktar TB2 is designed to be a highly advanced surveillance vehicle. The Bayraktar TB2 is equipped with dual-mode sensors that detect radars and other threats. The TB2 can land at current locations, such as urban areas. Its payload capacity is 121 pounds. This is an impressive performance for a low-cost drone. The airframe is built to meet NATO ACE III standards.

The Bayraktar TB2 is equipped with a twin-boom design, pusher props, and an inverted V-tail configuration. Its airframe is made of composite materials and has a service ceiling of 24,000 feet. Its length is 21 feet, with a payload capacity of 121 lbs. The Bayraktar TB2 has many impressive features. As an armed UAV, it can perform both Target Acquisition and Target Elimination missions.

The Bayraktar TB2 is a multipurpose attack UAV that can be operated autonomously or manually. It is the first of its kind in its class to be exported to foreign countries. The aircraft has a dual-purpose sensor suite and a refuelling facility for emergency medical evacuations. The Bayraktar TB2’s payload can carry more than 20kg of explosives, and can fly up to 15km.

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