The ARMA 6×6 Tactical Vehicle

ARMA 6×6 is the latest product family from Otokar, Turkey’s leading tactical vehicle manufacturer and largest privately owned company. It combines superior tactical features with outstanding technical features at an unmatched cost among its competitors. The ARMA’s compact dimensions and flexibility make it a flexible and adaptable platform for changing mission requirements. The ARMA is available in six different variants, each with a unique set of options and configurations.

The ARMA 6×6‘s engine is located at the front right of the vehicle, which allows for continuous eye contact between the commander and the crew. Besides that, it’s an amphibious vehicle that can be driven in a 6×6 or 6×4 mode. Its hull is amphibious and can be powered by either F-34 or F-54 fuel. Additionally, it has a pivot turn capability, which makes it easy to maneuver in any terrain.

The ARMA 6×6 is a light-weight, air-conditioned, amphibious combat vehicle with air conditioning and NBC protection systems. It can also be driven in six-wheel drive mode, depending on the mission. Its versatility makes it an ideal platform for a variety of missions, including anti-tank and anti-explosive operations. The ARMA is capable of traveling up to 700km on road and can be transported by C-130 aircraft.

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ARMA 6×6

ARMA 6×6 Armoured Tactical Vehicle

ARMA 6×6 armoured tactical vehicle is a multipurpose armoured fighting vehicle, designed and manufactured by Otokar. It has a length of 6.4 m, a width of 2.7 m and a height of 2.2 m. The combat weight of this vehicle is 19 tonnes. This vehicle carries a commander, a driver, and eight dismounts. In its standard configuration, it can be transported by C-130 aircraft.

ARMA vehicles are 6.6 meters long, 2.7 meters wide, and two metres high. The vehicle is capable of negotiating a 60% gradient and a 30% side-slope. It can also climb over obstacles 60 cm high and cross a 1.2-metre-wide trench. Its dimensions and weight make it a very compact and lightweight platform that is easily adaptable to changing mission requirements on the modern battlefield. The development of ARMA 6×6 started in 2007 and is expected to take 15 months.

The ARMA 6×6 has been validated by Otokar’s R&D team. It’s under development as an 8×8 version. The 6×6 possesses a modular design and a gross weight of 18,500kg. It also has a payload capacity of four tonnes. The six-ton truck has a large interior and an efficient internal layout. Further, the ARMA 6×6 is capable of air transport, allowing it to quickly reach any destination.

The ARMA 6×6’s robust hull and highly protected tyres make it an ideal multi-purpose tactical vehicle. The highly adaptable and durable design of the ARMA 6×6 makes it easy to integrate various weapon systems and mission equipment. In addition to its modular design, it features an independent suspension system, run-flat tires, and a central inflation system. It can handle a maximum weight of 18 tonnes and a payload of four tonnes. Its efficient internal layout also allows for efficient deployment of crew members.

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ARMA 6×6

ARMA 6×6 is a multipurpose armoured vehicle that is capable of carrying a commander and a driver. It can travel at up to 105km/h and has a turn radius of 7.85m. The ARMA 6×6 was first unveiled at Eurosatory 2010 in Paris. Initially, it is being developed for export and domestic markets. With its advanced features, it is the ideal solution for any modernized or disadvantaged army.

ARMA 6×6 armoured tactical vehicle is a multipurpose wheeled combat vehicle. Its modular design and high-protected hull allow it to be fully integrated with different types of weapon systems and mission equipment. Its independent hydro-pneumatic suspension system makes it highly adaptable and a multipurpose platform. Its power to weight ratio is high and its low-riding center of gravity allows it to travel in rough terrain.

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