Turkey’s HAVA-SOJ Project: Advanced Airborne Electronic Warfare System

HAVA-SOJ, known as the Remote Electronic Support/Electronic Attack system integrated into an air platform, is intended to be used to neutralize enemy radar and communication systems during offensive operations. The goal is for friendly combat aircraft to enter enemy airspace and carry out attack missions using the safe zones created by the HAVA-SOJ aircraft.

The HAVA-SOJ project, carried out in collaboration between TUSAŞ (Turkish Aerospace Industries) and ASELSAN (Military Electronic Industries), was initiated in 2018 to meet the electronic warfare special mission aircraft requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). Within the scope of this project, at least 4 HAVA-SOJ systems developed and produced by Turkey’s national capabilities will be integrated onto a Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft platform. The delivery of the HAVA-SOJ systems to the Turkish Air Force Command is planned for 2025/2026.

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Hava SOJ Project

Advanced Features of HAVA-SOJ

The HAVA-SOJ system is a system with wideband effectiveness and high jamming power. It has the capability to detect the precise direction and location of enemy radar and communication emissions. Additionally, it demonstrates effective countermeasures against signals such as frequency hopping, DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum), and data links using active phased array electronic scanning technology. The HAVA-SOJ system has the ability to perform long-duration missions at high altitude and can conduct real-time coordinated missions with the ground support center. It also has the capability to detect and take measures against radar and missile threats.

Bombardier Global 6000 for the HAVA-SOJ Project

The Bombardier Global 6000 is a high-performance business jet platform in the airspace. The aircraft has a seating capacity of 8 to 17 people and a maximum range of 10,927 km (5,900 nautical miles). Supported by Rolls-Royce BR710A2-20 engines, the Bombardier Global 6000 can reach a maximum altitude of 15,545 m (51,000 ft) and a maximum speed of 946 km/h (511 knots).

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TUSAŞ and ASELSAN Collaboration in the HAVA-SOJ Project

Turkey s HAVA SOJ Project Advanced Airborne Electronic Warfare System tusas aselsan turkish aerospace

Under the HAVA-SOJ Aircraft Project, a contract was signed between ASELSAN and the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) in 2018. ASELSAN is the main contractor in the project and provides all the technical infrastructure, radar system, and equipment used. Several domestic and foreign subcontractors are also involved in the project.

TUSAŞ is responsible for the integration of technologies to be used in HAVA-SOJ aircraft and the modifications to be made on the aircraft. The Bombardier Global 6000 business jet was chosen as the flight platform for the HAVA-SOJ aircraft project. These aircraft have been previously delivered to Turkey and are being used by ASELSAN for reinforcement, design, and implementation work at their test field.

The HAVA-SOJ project is of great importance for the Turkish defense industry. It enables the Turkish Air Force to effectively carry out offensive operations by rendering enemy radar and communication systems ineffective. Moreover, it ensures the safe execution of missions by keeping enemy elements outside the operational area through remote target detection and jamming capabilities. The HAVA-SOJ system possesses a critical mission system designed and produced with national capabilities.

The HAVA-SOJ project holds significant importance for the Turkish defense industry. Conducted in collaboration between TUSAŞ and ASELSAN, this project will enhance the electronic warfare capabilities of the Turkish Armed Forces and increase Turkey’s domestic production capabilities in the defense industry. As a result, Turkey will further strengthen its independence in the defense industry and gain a capability of strategic importance. The HAVA-SOJ system, by neutralizing enemy communication and radar systems, will assist the Turkish Air Force in conducting air operations more effectively and play an important role in ensuring the country’s security.

Enhancing Turkey’s Air Power with HAVA-SOJ

The HAVA-SOJ aircraft, which will be integrated with Turkey’s existing inventory and NATO systems, will have more advanced features than the land-based electronic warfare systems. It will be able to cooperate with the ANKA-III unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) being developed by TUSAŞ, the Bayraktar Kızılelma (Combat Unmanned Aircraft System – CUAS) developed by Baykar, and the 5th generation fighter aircraft KAAN (Turkish Fighter TF-X). These projects are expected to start entering the inventory before 2030.

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