Why Does the Check Engine Light On? What should be done?

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Why Does the Check Engine Light On? How to Extinguish?

Malfunction lamps are warning signs on the vehicle instrument panel. This system, which informs the driver of the problems experienced in the vehicle, is of great importance for vehicle safety. (See; 10 Facts About Catalytic Converters)

Understanding this system, which gives important information to the driver, is the first step to prevent possible problems. For this reason, we have prepared an article on engine warning signs and their meanings for you.

What are the Check Engine Light Problems?

The engine light that is on may indicate different problems with the vehicle. These warnings, which can sometimes represent a simple and sometimes a vital problem, should not be ignored. Let’s examine the messages of the warning signs together. (See; Fuel Pump Replacement Cost)

The engine fault lamp is yellow:

Why Does the Check Engine Light On car cars automotive

If the warning light is yellow, it means that there are serious problems in the operation of the engine and the fault mode has been switched. Failure mode is a system that is activated to prevent damage to the engine. But this system cannot protect the engine for very long. A service should be consulted as soon as possible.

The engine fault lamp is red:

When you see the red warning light, you must pull your vehicle to the right and stop. Because the red light indicates that there are very serious problems in which the engine cannot even enter the malfunction mode. It is very dangerous to continue driving the vehicle while this light is on.

Engine malfunction lamp is blinking:

If the malfunction lamp is blinking continuously, it means that there is a problem during the operation of the engine. This problem may be an easy-to-resolve system error, or it may indicate problems that will cause serious damage to the engine. In this case, it would be best to consult a service.

  • Check engine light is on constantly:
    • If the warning light is on, look at the color of the warning. If it is yellow, you can take your vehicle to the service. If it’s red, get out of the vehicle immediately and call the tow truck. If the fault lamp continues to come on even though you take the vehicle to the service due to a malfunction, it means that the fault record has not been deleted from the vehicle’s memory or the damage has not been repaired.

Why Does the Check Engine Light Come On?

If the warning lamps in your vehicle are on, it means that the engine components cannot work in harmony with each other. (See:How to Choose Best Tires)

If even one of the fuel, ignition, air intake and exhaust systems that make up the engine is damaged, the engine warning lamps start to come on.

We can list the damage areas that cause the malfunction lamp to come on as follows:

Why Does the Check Engine Light On
  1. Air flow sensor (MAF)
  2. Oxygen (Lambda) sensor
  3. catalytic converter
  4. Spark plug and spark plug wire
  5. fuel filler cap
  6. EGR valve
  7. Thermostat
  8. fuel injectors
  9. Battery

In case of damage to any of the above-mentioned areas, the warning lights start to come on because the engine cannot operate as a whole.

When Does the Check Engine Light Off?

In order to turn off the warning light, you must first identify the malfunction and have the problem repaired, depending on the situation. Then you need to delete the damage record that has been processed into the vehicle’s system.
We can list the steps that can be followed for the engine fault lamp extinguishing process as follows:

During the troubleshooting phase, you should connect the vehicle to the devices produced for this job. You can find out the source of the problem and delete the fault information with the fault detection devices connected to the vehicle’s brain.

If the fault that caused the warning light to come on is a temporary situation, this fault information will be deleted from the system and the warning light will turn off. (See; What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Engine Oil)

However, if there is a serious damage, even if you delete the damage record from the system, the engine warning light will continue to come on until the problem is resolved.

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Will the Check Engine Light Go Out By Itself?

Some glitches in the vehicle can be easily fixed. In this case, the warning light turns off automatically. E.g; If the malfunction light is on because the fuel cap is not closed properly, you may see the light go out after the next refueling. However, if there is a more serious damage that you cannot fix manually, the warning light remains on and does not go out until the problem is intervened.

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